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"Without her help and insight I would have been a statistic!" ~RW

Why did I start Mental Illness Addictions Coaching?

Mental illness coaching can help with many mental illnesses and addictions

One program does not fit all!

1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness
1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness year after year
"She is a giver and I know you will get way more back then you could ever dream of with Heather!" ~TB

Give back to our soldiers

Our returning veterans have been through more than we can imagine. It's time to make sure that they get the support they deserve.

  • PTSD is a major problem in returning vets
  • Many suffer from depression
  • Often don't know where to turn for help
  • They have earned our support!
Returning soldiers often suffer from mental illness
"I can speak first hand that in my time of struggle Heather was there for me to give support, friendship, did not judge me and guided me through a very dark and scary time." ~SK
Alcoholism is a mental illness and can be helped with our addiction coaching

Provide alternative methods to addicts

Addiction is very much a mental illness and perhaps the most powerful. I can help in ways that other can't

  • Alcohol is a drug!
  • Many addicts can't afford to take normal rehab
  • Support is implemented for each individual
  • Former RADC counselor working privately

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"She was there for me when I needed someone, anyone to tell me that it wasn't my fault!" ~AN